The Importance of Apprenticeships

19 March 2020

By Andy Fishburn

The Importance of Apprenticeships

​At a time when employers are reporting huge skill shortages, especially in the BMS & Smart Buildings industry, apprenticeships could be the long term answer.

Often at times when people come across the word “apprenticeship”, their mind flashes back to their teenage years, being ushered down a route by a secondary school advisor with little to no personal input.

Modern-day apprenticeships look starkly different, in contrast, the modern apprenticeship is a long-term commitment and formal contract between an employer and employee. They focus on blending practical experiences with the necessary theoretical knowledge.

The trend is catching on fast in the BMS & Smart Buildings industry but are you doing enough to train your apprentices? We briefly discuss why it’s so important for employers, contractors and business owners in the BMS & Smart Buildings industry to train their apprentices properly.

Employers must provide the right level of training and guidance to apprentices through a mix of hands-on instruction and formal education. This can be provided through In-House training teams, Colleges, External training providers, Manufacturers and the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA).

Not only will they learn the skills needed to work in the role, but they will develop their communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills. They will also improve their problem-solving abilities with the right level of freedom.

By training apprentices properly in your trade, you’ll be seeing a lot of cost-savings down the line. Upon completion of apprenticeships, 70% of apprentices stay and become permanent members of their employer’s workforce. Furthermore, a trained apprentice will show high levels of commitment, dedication and motivation toward the task at hand, which means they may not require as much guidance.

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