UK Construction Sites & COVID-19

02 June 2020

By Andy Fishburn

UK Construction Sites & COVID-19

UK Construction Sites & COVID-19

Whilst these are uncertain times, one thing is for sure, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the UK construction industry, its workforce, cashflow and new instructions. 

It is now vital for construction firms and governing bodies to ensure they're on the top of their site for restrictions being lifted. Ensuring that Health & Safety policies are employed fully and other government precautionary measures are being implemented to the fullest, to provide maximum protection to their workers. 

Implementation of Social Distancing Measures on UK Construction Sites. Is it possible? 

Unlike office work, construction work can't be done remotely. On construction sites, it's common for workers to depend on each other to complete tasks safely. 

As construction sites across the UK are being given the green light to continue, social distancing measures are being advised to be maintained at all times. One suggestion to help social distancing seems to be limiting the number of workers per shift, providing more space and less congestion but this may have repercussions on future job security. 

Sharing equipment has been another hot topic, should it be banned or managed by COVID marshalls? 

Not just in London, but throughout the UK, construction sites are of utmost importance and play a major part in the UK economy. Project Owners, Government Officials and Construction Firms need to provide the maximum amount of safety protocols and procedures for the protection of workers from COVID-19.

Stay safe everybody and let's get this country moving again. 

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